Feedback on cafe map

Hello! I decided to create a cafe game with my cousin about 2 months ago. I’ve been the one to build & 3D model while he scripts everything. I’ve never attempted anything like this until now and I’d like some feedback.

Keep in mind, the map is currently decorated for fall. Normally it has a lot of green, pink, and red. It was built to represent a zen garden.


I personally think this is epic, are you planning on adding any particle effects?


Looks cool, try adding falling leaves, and chirping sound effects outside


I agree with @kritiki. Try Hiring a composer too make you a chirping sound.


It’s beautiful, the low poly trees are very aesthetic and match the scenery of fall! I say add a little more decoration to the inside to make it look as great as the outside. Both are beautiful though, job well done.


Our trees currently have leaves falling to make it feel more like fall. For other seasons we will be decorating accordingly. Thank you!


Falling leaves are in the game, it is just not present in the images. Thank you for the feedback :smiley:


This may be really perfect not going to lie, everything mixes together and complements themselves, I think adding a very distant yellowish fog may complement the sea better as well making other kinda more realistic things like the waterfall a bit more cartoonish. Very well done.


Thank you! I was a bit unsure how to decorate this map specifically to match the fall theme but I will definitely try adding fog and testing out different waterfall styles.


Looks really good, love the colors. It fits the atmosphere! Not sure if the boba image next to the ‘U-Decide Cafe’ text is a image or parts but it looks adorable.


Isn’t it beautiful to see? Take a look because buildings like this will be a bit difficult to meet again. This is my personal opinion.


This honestly looks really good! A bit small, but I’m assuming that’s on purpose.

Are you using the Waterfall Generator Plug-In by chance?


I love it. It has a variety of different textures, fall related theme. and also very well built. Did you also use low-poly builds?? If so, it looks amazing. However, I would tweak the water color a little, as the default water color, doesn’t really blend with the scenery/landscape.

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This is beautiful building. I love It.


Yes, I couldn’t figure out a better way to get the same result.

I used to use that too!

We’re like, totally twinning!

Jokes aside, that’s why I asked, just recognized it instantly XD

Yes! I used blender to create the low poly style models and just imported them. It also does not show in the image, but the water is supposed to be transparent and reflective. It is hardly noticeable in game :]

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:smile: I’ve only started about 2 months ago and I’m still discovering really useful plugins for building. Any other that you recommend? I have ResizeAlign and part to terrain.

Awesome!!! Keep me posted on updates!

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Well if you ever do any UI design, I DEFINITELY suggest Auto-Scale!

Some suggestions for designing stuff:

AutoScale GUI: ZacBytes (I would say essential because of how helpful it is!)

Roundify: Stelrex

Load Character: AlreadyPro

Gapfill: Stravant (absolutely amazing!!!)

Model Resize: DaMrNelson

These make building things like this SO much easier!

As a scripting-focused developer, I really struggle with design-focused stuff! These help a lot!

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