Feedback on Cafe P2 (CHANGES)

Thank you all for the amazing feedback on my last post. Here are some improvements you guys asked for. Still need to add more.


It looks good but the menu is kinda wonky. The menu is hanging by it self but otherwise it looks really good. Keep up the amazing and hard work into the cafe. :smiley:

Ok good, you turned down the brightness and made it look more cooler.

i suggest making the green stuff such as leaves and the grass a little more dryer looking green as well as making the trunks of the trees slate/wood material

other than that, cafe looks great! love the modern look of it
keep building!

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I’d change up the Position of the Menu . It looks like it’s floating in the middle of the no-where. Try to get the Plants to a darker shade of green.

Else I like the modern design you’ve went for a lot.

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It’s cool but:

  • Make the trees look different so they are not all facing the same direction.
  • Use a decal as a menu.
  • Make the gaps in the flooring smaller.
  • I would suggest a beach theme because of the Palm Trees, and have a look at different style of lighting to give the map a more softer feel!

Hope this helps!


lighting kinda wack and the terrain could use some work