Feedback on Cafe/Coffe Shop

Hi! I have built a small modern cafe, and I’d really appreciate some feedback and ratings!
Here are some pictures:


Also, I am selling this build. If you’re interested, visit:

Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:


This is pretty good but are there working coffee machines considering this is a cafe/coffee shop?


Thank you! No, since I am selling this cafe, I didn’t design any foods or beverages, since that depends on what kind of food the buyer wants to put when they buy it.


Alright, reasonable price for no machines. Anyways, good luck on your sale!


Well, it is pretty nice. Although i would suggest to highlight the spawn area, maybe put some statues or decor there, as the spawn is the first thing a player sees when he joins the game. Also maybe expand the cafe a little? A basement or a second floor would be great. :slight_smile:


Okay, thank you so much! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Please don’t take this as hate or anything offensive, but as constructive criticism.

I think it’s too simple at this moment and nobody will really buy it for commercial use just yet. It’s too plain and has many blank spots. There’s many ways you can detail it and the lighting is very basic, the interior is very repetitive. The outside seating by the back is very random, with some sort of wooden carpet thing?

This is great work so far, especially if you are new, remember to use reference images and visit other café groups to see how they build things. If you are to sell this, use my advice and others to improve it slightly and the 400 robux price would be reasonable and fine. I wish you the best.


Okay, thank you for the feedback!


Alright, thank you for your help.


It looks pretty good in my opinion,but the only thing I would change is the yellow color beacuse it doesnt go to well with the black outside.


I think the “Modern Coffee Shop” has a. Great style to it i like the design your going for and i think it looks really good overall it seems to be a little basic and doesn’t hold any kind of details to the cafe. However i would try adding some more details to the exterior part such as potted plants, chairs, and more tables. To the entrance you could try! Implementing some. Of those details to your cafe there could! Be a lot of different decorations, around your cafe so it could. Look a lot more improved i’ll add some, details to the coffee shop and the! Exterior itself so it won’t look empty and basic however! The style your making is quite nice. But i would recommend adding the final details, to it so it could look more improved more!!

Modern Coffee Shop
So the cafe you have created, so far looks quite basic however there is a couple of things you could try adding to your cafe i would add some. More details to the cafe so it could look more! Improved and stand out more i would, recommend you add some wall shelves, coffee door sign, gango coffee poster, string lights, letter sign cafe, ect. Those are some of the decor you could try adding. To your “Cafe” so it won’t look empty these details would! Mostly go onto the walls of the cafe just to give it a, more interesting look to it. And the hanging lights you implemented to the inside of your! Cafe i would try adding some color, to it such as white, red, blue, yellow, and more as by looking. At yours i see you added the whole light, a black color i would try experiencing in other, feature colors so the cafe could! Look more decent overall you have a great piece here i would, mostly add some different styles, of chairs and you could always add some material to them. Such as wood, rattan, polypropylene, ect. Instead of having all the chairs all! Smooth plastic material in most modern, cafes they always have wooden chairs or different kinds. Of material to the chairs and then if your! Making a small modern coffee shop, i would suggest you go off a reference. Image so you could know the shapes and details it, implements to cafes i would recommend you do that. Just so it could look more impressive and have that modern design to it!!

Know your cafe doesn’t hold any kind. Of material to i think it would look more better! If you added some material/color to your coffee shop such as wood planks, modern wood, shingles, ect. Those are some materials you could try adding to the walls and the whole building itself i see you added the wooden floor know it would look more better if you implement some material to the walls i would mostly change the color of the (Window Frames) to a white color depending on what kind of cafe your trying to make or the color you want to use but i would suggest adding some feature colors to the cafe and materials to the building as you can see below these kind of cafes or small i would recommend you look at a reference image and do something like this. So it could look more like a coffee shop i would just try adding the final details and making the shape more like a cafe you could always look at other games or other images.


I like the style your going for and i think it looks really good, as most “Modern Cafes” has details on, the outside part and into the building itself such as the interior. So customers can sit and enjoy there coffee, drinks, food, ect. Overall your coffee shop has that modern style to it however it just needs a little more! So it could look like a full modern coffee shop. If you plan on adding details in the front of the, cafe i would recommend you add some here is a couple, of things i’ll add so your coffee shop could! Look more better and improved a lot more and like. I said above try adding some material, colors, decorations, shapes, ect. So the cafe could have that style to it however i would try adding! Some doors and across window frames, so it could look more detailed!!


  • Potted Plants, Window Box, Chairs, Tables, Window Frames & Shelves
  • Cafe Hanging Sign, Umbrellas, Trash Cans, Wall Shelves, Pictures,
  • Potted Flowers, Bushes, Plants & Benches, Menu Signs, Coffee Door Sign,
  • Door Mat, Chalkboard Sign, Plants On Tables, Bushes, Flowers, Potted Tree Plant,
  • Letter Sign Cafe, Hanging String Lights, Gango Coffee Poster, Coffee Drink Signs,
  • Lanterns, Candleholders, Wall Art, Coffee Menu, Daisytown Coffee Table & Wall Clock

Overall, those are some of the details you want to try implementing. To your “Modern Cafe” so it could look more detailed and improved! A lot more however the shape you have, to your cafe i would try changing it and making, it like a small modern cafe as most of them. All ways have like a side house shape instead of! Having the shape yo have right know, there is a lot of improvements your coffee shop needs, just so it could look more interesting and get. People looking to buy the cafe aside all of! That i would sell this for 400/300 price since, it doesn’t hold any kind of details to it but if you use. Some of the advice i said above your cafe would, stand out more overall, keep on building and, improving more details to it and you’ll. Sell it in no time!!


This “grass” area looks very peculiar. I think you should just make a smooth terrain island and put the cafe on that.
You could also use CSG/Blender to create rocks surrounding the cafe, something like this;
The cafe has a very unique design but it doesn’t look modern enough. Make it bigger, add some pillars, pots with bushes etc.
Make some designs on the walls and ceiling since they look really empty.

There is no proper “entrance”, I think you should alter where the path for the entrance leads. Center the entrance and add a sign where you can put the name for the cafe.

It’s a pretty good start, I think you should refine your skills and search up some reference cafe images or visit cafes in ROBLOX to improve your building style.


Thank you very much for your detailed feedback!


Alright! Thanks for your help!

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The store itself looks very small and undetailed. With low poly, I know it’s hard to do this. Below are examples of a store I built in low poly. Hopefully you can get some ideas.


To be more detailed, I’m only seeing 2 colors. Black and yellow. The walls are just flat and boring to the eye. Hope this helps!

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Once you get the hang of building, you’ll become better and quicker. This whole store took me 48 hours. I also recommend referencing photos.


Firstly, nice build you have going on there, nice attempt! I would definitely suggest adding some exterior signage to your cafe, so players know exactly what it is, as well as making it look more professional. Ensure that you have a layout that is appropriate for the needs of the building. I see this all the time, most developers design a building based on the aesthetics, but then have no consideration for the use of the building, and ultimately you end up with a design that is impracticable and not player friendly. So just keep that in mind.

I would add simple details such as exterior lighting, exterior railings along the perimeter of the ground to avoid players falling in, add more ‘warm’ colours to the interior, information boards, more trees and flowers, benches, fountains etc. These are just a few things that you could consider adding. I hope this helps.


I just have a question, are you planning on putting some sand or rocks since it is an Island.


I possibly could, thanks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Alright, thanks so much for your help!

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