(Feedback) On Cartoon UI

Hello, I would like to know what you say about my part of UI design .If you would like to contact me through cooperation here you have my portfolio.

((The vacancies are to be able to easily script then.))
Thanks for reading/viewing! :wink:


I really like this! keep this theme going and it will end up looking great!


Hello prostranskii
Thank you for your feedback.


In my opinion, there is such a thing as too rounded UI. I feel like the rounded edges are acceptable, but the shop, for example, has UI elements each with a different degree of rounded-ness. If these are made in Roblox Studio with Image GuiObjects, I suggest using 9-slice to make the rounded edges more consistent. Also, there is a lot of whitespace between your Gui Objects. For example, Pets and Swords menus both have a large space between the scrolling frame and the bottom/sides of the parent UI. As far as text goes, your text is very readable and I think the font fits with the cartoony style. Good work so far and keep at it! :octopus:


The UI looks really good I really like it keep sticking with that theme and it will go well.

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I get your concept - since they are cartoon themed UI, it seems like you’ve focused on using round rectangular shapes for the most of the aspects. I’d suggest using squares as well, or at least for the panel shape.


The cartoony UI really fits the style, and I really liked the looks on the UI. It brings a nice touch, and the concept looks fantastic.

You have really done an amazing job. Keep up the great progress! :+1:

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Personally I would use a little less rounded corners on the UI. Probably about half the curve.

Otherwise the UI looks great!

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