Feedback on Casino

Hey! I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a casino showcase I’ve been working on! It’s apart of a showcase I release every week! This is week 2’s post, the casino. Let me know what you think! You can find the twitter post here and play the game here. Thanks! :smile: There is no gambling involved in this build! It is simply a build showcase!




The Casino is so very cool! men I wish I can make like that :cool:

But yeah, Thank you for reading this. have a nice day! :happy3:


Looks good, I like the gradient effect used on glass. My only complaint is, in the last image, the restroom could use a bit more color.


I’m in love with your build! :heart_eyes:

Here are some things to point out:

  1. I feel like the front sign could be a lot larger.
  2. Maybe add some chairs, trash, or some trash cans at the front of the building.
  3. The bowling ally could use some ball racks and a front desk.
  4. I got stuck! :fearful:

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Great build! Only thing I recommend working on is the sizing of some of the machines inside the building.

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I don’t know for sure so don’t quote me on this, but I think a casino might be against TOS. Again I’m not 100% sure. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Your Casino on exterior look extreme cool! Loving the feel of low-poly and gradient windows! I have no word to say, it’s amazing!

My feeling of interior need to be bit more improvement. The models look very excellent, but however inside where bowling and casino you play at. Unfortunately, for my complaint, it feels very big inside. For suggestion, you can try make something and fill up empty spots or more decorations to feel less bigger, there’s plenty of space you can place in.

I really think you should improve on the size. For important, I highly recommend you to use dummy. This can fit to any robloxians perfectly. This to prevent huge size of items that are way bigger than us.

The green tables (card game) are huge and is taller than normal robloxians! Even chairs, one round chair is taller than bar counter. Last, the stair is pretty big also.

Exterior look fine! Great environment lighting!

However, for interior. Everything is all bright. Nothing special, I don’t know if you may add. But I recommend you to use lighting for interior. Sure, it’ll look great!


It is; but you can’t gamble here because it’s a showcase so it’s all good :+1:


I’m aware of the height problem and I won’t be fixing it because this weeks showcase goes away in 2 days, but I will improve in the following weeks! On the inside, I’m not so sure how I’d change the lighting tbh :thinking:, I just added a surface light so it’s atleast bright in there; similar to a normal casino. The stairs should be fine though? I checked and they are just wide which is intended :sweat_smile: Thanks for this tho!

i like the build!
the slot machines might be breaking US Laws. Be Careful with what you want to do with the casino! check a law book or something to make sure your not breaking US law number 18 in the Amendment

but other then that it looks good!

ur not breaking law number 18 and 36! but its still “ilegal” in a way because you advertising something that possibly can be a crime because your advertising a ilegal product! so i would suggest looking at a law book or on goggle before you act with this stuff because you dont know if your breaking the law or not it littery takes 5 minuites out of your day to look at 3 sources to see if it is legal!

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You should state that in the post!

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Hey! I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a casino showcase

Showcases normally don’t include scripts if they are build showcases; and by playing the game you could see they don’t work so I didn’t think it would be necessary

ik ik but the “Showcase” is promoting illegal things!

also is there a reason to start a sentence with this?

You claimed I may have broken a law which I found funny because It’s quite obvious I wasn’t :sweat_smile:

I’m not promoting anything illegal if there isn’t anything illegal to do there! It’s also not illegal per se, its more breaking ROBLOX ToS

whos breaking TOS?

i was confirming to make make sure you were not breaking laws or TOS!

Bruh I’m not but I meant there is no laws I’m breaking; if it was anything it would be the ToS

ik your not now i was getting info off of google!
tbh i read 1 half of the TOS! still reading it slowly!

thats really good i love what you did my favorite is the bowling picture

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