Feedback on character GFX

Hi! I’ve been doing GFX for approximately 2 years now, I never really try something new so it’s very basic. Here is one of my most recent GFX, make sure to leave some feedback! (:



i like the design of you GFX but you can also put come graphic to you GFX like shadow and sun rays. the picture it is really good design really nice but also really creativity. here some my feedback and i hope you have a wonderfull day.

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Thank you, I usually add sun rays but I didn’t add it to this one because it would’ve looked very bright. But, thank you I appreciate the feedback! :smiley:

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The gfx is cool. I like it. 30 chars

Hi there,

im not a gfx artist

I really like it, maybe you should make the character waving and maybe centre it more. Try make the “LAVAZZA” word stand out a bit more.

Lovley GFX.

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I like it, but maybe you can make the character waving trough.

Let’s start out with the lighting. I presume that you put the lights too close to the character, causing it to ‘glow’. I would suggest moving the lighting back and farther away, because it does not fit in with the scene.
In this scene, I assume that this is a café. If I’m not correct, then you may want to reconsider how your scenes look. Your scenes look unrealistic for Roblox. I would suggest building a set piece and importing it into your engine for GFX designing. This not only helps position the character later, but saving time for finding scenes.
Many people have had the same problems as you with your GFX. My biggest tip for them is to learn how to rig. You can find the video here. Rigging is an easier way to create GFX. I have found that it takes less time to pose and get your set pieces in the correct place. Rigging is also great for renders, if you would ever like to take that path.
Your poses are really simplistic. Not that this is a bad thing, but I would personally like to see more emotion and emphasis on what the character is doing. Set pieces really come in handy at this point.
There is a lot of white on your character. White is a bright color, especially with the lighting you have. I would suggest playing around with different colors, preferably pastel or for a space/fire theme, bright purples. Also, there are way too many accessories in this one GFX. You don’t need more than two (2) accessories, or the face will get too crowded.
The text is plain. I would suggest copying the layer, moving it down to the right, and then making it black. After doing that, change the opacity of the layer. There, you have created a drop shadow affect. If your drawing app can allow it, add some blurring to the text and make it stand out more.
Lastly, the particles. There are absolutely no particles in this GFX. The outside box is not even on both sides (if you look closely, you will see the difference). I would suggest adding circles near the bottom, adding sun ray affects from the window, and adding some sort of anime particles around the character.
Everything stated in this post is based upon my opinions and my first looks. You should not feel disheartened, this is just merely feedback. I wish you good luck on your journey! Also, please do NOT make your character waving. I’m not sure why people still do this, it makes the character look awkward and the scene behind the character. This was only popular 2-3 years ago.
FallinqSnowFlake :upside_down_face:



I really like your creation!

It looks great! :smiley: Great work!


The GFX in itself is nice, however try repositioning the render. You can see it’s not in the middle. If you did that on purpose, maybe try to put it even further to the right to show it’s not meant to be symmetrical. As for the render’s position; it’s pretty simple and nice. I’d strongly suggest you tried new stuff, it would really improve your renders. Overall a nice GFX.

Good luck!

Really in depth, Good response.

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Ok dont take this the wrong way but you haven’t done much apart from rotate a few limbs and take some images from Google I mean the overlays are nice and not too much in your face but that’s all I see tbh I reccomend bending limbs it wouldn’t hurt tbh.

I’m agreeing with @FallinqSnowFlake, but anyways, nice job though!

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I would say that the GFX is really good aswell as the lighting the font fits the theme,color scheme matches well my only gripes is the background doesn’t fit the lighting of the background. Here are some suggestions that could improve your art. Other than that overall great work! I look forward to see more from you in the future.

  • Fix the background so it matches with the avatar in the GFX

  • Center the text so it’s positioned correctly

  • Center the avatar as well so it’s positioned correctly

  • Make sure the avatars pose dosen’y have much flaws

  • Text edges could be cleaned up so the text looks nice and clean

  • Choose outfits that match up with the avatar shown.

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I just think its too plain, the background doesnt fit and the gfx itself seems top blurry, I think it lacks detail and the lighting is idk.

Looks great, but as seen in many other GFX’s similar to this it may look better if it was waving. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! The waving pose is very basic, that’s why I chose this one instead. But, thank you for the feedback.:slight_smile:

Thank you so much, I will be sure to take your feedback into consideration.<3

I really like the background! I think it’s very appealing to the eye rather than just a solid color. I would suggest making the render wave or just have their hands/arms moved around a bit. Instead of them almost standing perfectly still. Other than that, good work! :grin:

Is that your render? (30charss)