Feedback on Character Selection Screen?

I have no experience in UI design so I had to go into this kind of barefooted. I’d like feedback on how the UI looks overall. In-game it feels way too huge and wide with too much blank space. I also think it’s a little plain or lacking for how much of the screen it takes up. I don’t know how I should redesign it. I kind of don’t want it to take up the full screen, but I don’t know what I would put on the sides. Black bars or something? Any feedback or help is appreciated!


Pretty cool! Font is a bit stretched and arcade does look a bit cheesy. Maybe roundify the GUI (plugin). It does take up a bit of the screen. I would suggest centering it and trimming the sides. As long as you can close it, it should be fine. Other than that, great job bro!

PS: I am new so feel free to tell me if I did something wrong :smiley:


I love it! Keep going with your game, good luck.


I recommend you make the text better (making it fancier, putting details on it)

Don’t make it cinematic mode as it will cover the bottom part of your screen (making it annoying)

Also, remove the inventory icon as it (probably) has no use for your character selection screen.


What do you mean by cinematic mode? Also, are you talking about the inventory icon on the top left?

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It’s not the inventory icon, it’s the black bars you said. (that’s called cinematic mode)


What do you guys think of me making it more like thiis?


That would definitely be nice, although I think it would be even cooler if it was vertically to the side and on a scrolling ui so you can make the icons bigger and scroll through all the characters.


This is a really good suggestion, thank you.