Feedback on Chart Obby update

(I really feel like this is more of a topic to express my concerns more than asking for feedbacks. But anyways, let’s get on to it.)

Hi Devs!

You had probably seen my post about the release of HDCO 6 months before. This time the game hit 50K Visits and we had just released a new update. We had added Rebirths, Halos, Night Mode and refined UI. You can check out the game here:

A few things I immediately noticed when I join a few servers are:

  • Players doesn’t seem to care about the update at all.
  • Players doesn’t get the concept of how the new system works.
  • Some leaves after just a few minutes of playing the game.
  • The amount of concurrent players doesn’t increase after the update.

I expected the average playing time and the amount of concurrent players to increase, as well as the whole experience itself. However, the stats aren’t really showing much change. I thought players would be hyped for the 50K update (this is also our biggest update), but I didn’t really receive any reactions. I’m pretty sure I’m missing something here, and honestly I have no clue.

Any feedbacks or suggestions are much much appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

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The target audience of most of these chart obbies seems to be smaller children. As such, these features don’t make the experience much different. They just want to jump around, and have the thrill of beating the challenge.

Looking at those features, I don’t know how much they affect gameplay. There isn’t too much new content from them, from a kid’s perspective.

What I suggest is instead of making the experience too much smoother, as this update did, I would add more stages and unique gameplay features. Younger players will understand this sort of update, and it excite them. Come up with new ideas - have multiple “levels” to complete, add unique stage features, and make the experience look “cooler” and more fun. You need the changes and updates to really be visible right off the bat, or there is no difference from before (from a young perspective).

Cool game, just add more unique features. You need your obby to be different or better than its competitors, or why would people play it?

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This is nothing to do with a younger audience though? More mature players tend to play games for a challenge from my experience