Feedback on chest opening system

I am currently working on a chest opening system for my game and here are my results

any feedback is appreciated :grin:


Looks great! Imo it would look better if the animation was a little faster. Also, I think it’ll look better without the UICorner from the background frame.


Its good and all but the delay before the text animation plays should be removed


Its very nice, I think the animation can be a little bit faster


its cool but the background is empty and when it says 1 star I can barely see it add a uistroke to the 1 star and add some pictures in the background
but I love the animation =D


I decided to speed up the animation and added a skip button because you guys thought it was too slow.

Looks pretty good, but the 1 Star thing, make it a bit lighter so that people can see it. And i would make the noob character a bit smaller. But great job!

Try making the text that says 1 Star more readable in the grey/black background and I think it would improve the animation if the chest didn’t come down from the top left corner slowly but from another place such as having it fall down. Looks great though, good luck with your game

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At the end when it opens it should be more exciting. Maybe add sparkles or a cool effect, Looks good otherwise. Another thing is the 1 star text I didn’t even notice.


It is quite nice but the background is quite simple you know. Umm maybe also change the text style? Anyways, the opening system is quite good!

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I mean, everything is good except two things:

  1. The chest dosent even open, making it unrealistic
    2.make it faster

What would I change the background to?

if that background appears for “1 Star” units only then I suggest making it white or change the font’s colour to white

hmm maybe adding some gradient and trying out different colors?