Feedback on Church Build

Hello developers!

I just built this church in less than 45 minutes and I was wondering if there is anything I should do differently to make it look more nice and more realistic!

P.S. my development team made some of the things inside of the church.

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nice church but why did you post this on the scripting support tho


Sorry about that but I did that on a accident

Add lovelypeaches in it! Cool build

It’s looking alright, tho it feels empty and the colors aren’t really matching.

Besides that, I don’t think that you should post stuff like that. In the guidelines it clearly says to not start any religious topics. So you should rather delete this as fast as possible before staff comes.

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uhh, I saw everyone else post religion stuff so why mines?

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If others do something, does it mean that it’s alright? Why continue then? I mean, do whatever you want. I’m just warning you.

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How could you possibly get moderated for building a church? Doesn’t make sense. As long as they’re not pushing their beliefs on people forcing them to join in on it then it’s all good. Plus, all they asked was for feedback and you’re “warning” them to delete it?

@4k_Lamarr The build looks good for being made in just 45 or so minutes, I’d probably suggest adding some sort of dark-ish brown carpet between the walk ways. Besides that there’s not much I can say besides good job!

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This is a beautiful build. Great work!

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Well, I didn’t really mean that they should delete it. It was more like to not spread such a topic for a higher scale.

What are they spreading? I don’t see anything.

The walls look bleak, as well as the floors. Try adding some texture to the walls and making the windows more arched, rather than square-ish. For instance, add panels to the walls or pillars as well as a wood roof. Make the sides of the pews wood colored and give them texture. Overall, I’d just say you really need to add texture and more detailing to your build, and it’ll look a lot better. However, great work! I’m proud of you.



:thinking: That’s a great idea. I’ll try it it

Additionally, try just searching for references on churches! There’s a lot of inspiration to be found.

Well this right here is based off of a real church I looked for online