Feedback on Cinema Build!


I recently made a Cinema for a commission, not revealing any details on who its for though.

However, I am looking for some feedback and positive words as this is probably the first time that I’ve done something like this in a long while.

I’m aware that the screenshot quality is terrible, so I will be providing an in-game link should you need it.

(My most recent post, I’ve just changed the link)


I can’t open the link for some reason. Can you give us the link to the place?

Edit: Ok so, I’ve seen the pics and I got nothing really to criticize besides the seating in the room where people can watch the movie. I’d definietly add more chairs there. If you ever been to a normal cinema, you’d pretty much always see chairs right next to each other.



Look pretty nice! I don’t really anything to say about it like as @Krunnie Adding new theater chairs!


Looks really nice like how, you took your time in making this great job nothing to say. @Krunnie mainly said everything great job. You can also add a popcorn stand and a soda machine…!


Thanks for your feedback, I will definitely be taking it into consideration.
The main reason as to why I did it was because I didn’t see the point in there being around 50+ chairs in a cinema for a game with only around 20 players.


In my opinion, even if my game only had 20 players I would still add amount of seats a cinema has just to make it more realistic and reliable.

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Nice build, impressed me. Some detail you could add is, possibly lights on the wall? In cinemas they always have lights in the walls which end up turning off when the film begins.

This picture was just an example, but there’s a ton different styles out there!


I understand what you mean, I could definitely try and do something similar to that, and possible reduce some of the lighting on the ceiling to get a good lighting balance.

Thanks for your feedback! :+1:

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It would look better with the seats being closer together as described by Krunnie. When so far away, the cinema feels empty. Plus, you’ve added two cup-holders for each seat, and in cinemas, it’s usually the case that each seat has one cup-holder.

The cinema walls and ceiling look extremely bland. A rule of thumb is that plain walls can look fine in real life but when made online, can often look very cheap and undetailed. Therefore, I would recommend adding detail. An idea could be using diagonal bevelled squares as ceiling tiles, outlined with a much more blocky outline. I’d make the walls/ceiling black and purple as well.

Here is a very poor visual aid for what I mean by a ceiling design (would have lights on some panels)


By the way, cinemas tend to have speakers. Not sure if you already included them.

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Thanks for your lovely feedback, I’ll definitely be using this within my next cinema build that I attempt. I don’t normally carry out this sort of style so it’s good to have constructive ideas put forward for development.

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