Feedback on city building

Hello! I am currently working on an HQ building for my group and would like some feedback! Anything is helpful


Look great, love the build and efforts added to the game. From these views of your HQ building, there is nothing that seems I could dislike about it.

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The structure and the lighting are perfect. The HQ has a really good modern look to it too. From my POV, it even looks a bit Sci-Fi too, which is nice.


Thanks for the feedback guys! If I remember, I will post updates in here.

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is that the skybox or the actual build? looks amazing if so

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The building with “Horizon Labs Inc” is not in the skybox, it’s the build. The rest is in the skybox

Awesome😶. Do you know what would actually be even better? If you could get in the buildings and the spaces were furnished

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Oh that looks cool is it available on roblox developer marketplace???

I am planning to fill the inside full of offices, its an HQ building.

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I am not going to ever release this onto the marketplace. The skybox however you can get on the marketplace.