Feedback on Classic Cars (Simple)

Hello there Roblox creators, XVll0, "future Head owner of (VllX Experiences & Media)
This isn’t official yet, because our studio is still in it’s early stages and looking for Amazing and creative individuals to help make good games…

The following Assets where modeled in blender and took 2hrs to assemble and import
The first model I made was of lower quality (Not shown) but it was my second car model ever

My second Attempt (Shown below) . this is the (1960)Whippet Solfyer sedan going for "1’005 Bits "the currency in the game and 600 B in withered condition

More angles of the vehicle model


withered secondary vehicles (Classic class)

The next one is part of the many team based perks of my game, The 1960 whippet Voliiz (What the police force is called in the game) Side note, my game takes place in the 20th century (1994) to be exact in the game (Furienia) Fur-eh-nee-Ah, you the player can join The Voliiz force and in your spare time away from maintaining order to the Furiten Fur-Ten citizens, go by local ruins and pick up a vintage interceptor to add style to your enforcement, vehicle customization is key in the game, and so is player/weapon modification, more on that in the Furienia feedback topic.

The interceptor (Below)
furienean interceptor 01

and last but most promising, The interior !

feedback is very much appreciated, and thank you, if you did, reading through the whole topic :wink:


looks super cool but you missed tiny details but okay

number plate
windshield cleaner (idk its real name)
and nothing else

and also when you look at the sides you can see that the doors are not leveled so try to fix that

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Great feedback Tom!

yeah I frankly don’t have that much experience with blender and therefor making the smaller details in the plane
is a big struggle. Thanks for letting me know! :smiley: