Feedback on Codes UI

yours look worse than his.
maybe you shouldn’t judge others when you’re as bad as they are?

Damn, the harshness :fire:

I was gonna say something but I didn’t. Don’t wanna be rude but I kinda agree.

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GothamSemiBold/Bold would look good

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Yeah, that’s what I meant you should turn it like 45 degrees


I don’t think it would fit well though.

Your design concept is really nice, although there are 3 things I would like to address about the UI:

  1. Make sure to keep a consistent color scheme for the UI, and not use many different colors at the same time.
  2. The frame is too long for the actual needed size for a promotion UI of that type. So it’d be nice if you made it shorter and not have a lot of empty areas.
  3. Avoid using too many borders (UIStroke). So it’s easier and comfortable for the eyes.

Here’s an example of a promotion codes UI I made before that explains the 3 things I talked about:

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Hello there!

Try to be nicer next time you give feedback, because we give feedback to people to help them improve and not to “flex on them”, although your UI had multiple flaws that I would like to address so you also learn.

So here’s my feedback on your UI:

  1. As I said to @LandnBlu in my last reply, avoid using too many borders (UIStroke), whether that is on text or frames. Because it’s not comfortable for the eyes.
  2. Your color schemes are either too dark or too bright. So instead try adding at least 1 bright color like white among the dark colors you chose (preferably use that bright color on actions or text and blend it with the dark background). Something like this UI I made here:
  3. Do not use background textures on buttons, because honestly it doesn’t look that good most of the time, like your wooden themed UI.
  4. Try going for simple style more often, and don’t go for too advanced, as too many advanced effects would cause the UI to not look that good. Here’s an example of simple style UI that I designed:
  5. Your UI is way too huge, which would bother PC players with high resolution monitors. Try making it only big for mobile users, while keeping it smaller for PC users. Because you don’t want your UI frames and buttons to take a lot of space on a PC screen. You can achieve that by checking what device the user is on by using UserInputService.

That’s all I got for now. And as I said remember to be nicer to people when giving feedback because we all are here to learn from each other.

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Thanks for your feedback! Though your UI could be way less cluttered and smaller.

Well, the UI example I showed in the reply is already small. It is just a screenshot of a frame in the UI. Sorry for the confusion. :sweat_smile:

The reason it is kinda cluttered is because it is a PC only upcoming game. PC players don’t need to have larger buttons like mobile players.

Thanks for replying with your thoughts though!

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No problem, thanks for the explanation.

lol im just giving feedback becosue hes asking im not a ui designer also i wasnt saying mine was better

sorry i wasnt trying to be mean im sorry if it sounded like that

Used some feedback and…


CC: @DarkPixlz @TrulyChxse

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Make the redeem text smaller, and it looks amazing for a first timer to me!

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The whole box or just the text

Just the etxt, use a UISTextSizeConstraint.

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this good?

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