Feedback on Codes UI

I made this UI

Feedback is appreciated. I am a beginner please don’t roast me lol.

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Looking amazing! Maybe make the X more thick so that it is more visible. Amazing work!

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Thanks. I will definitely do that.

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply! It looks great overall, especially for your first try!
I, personally am also, very new to UI, so I will give you my feedback on how to make the UI more “visually appealing”, per say (to me).

I recommend adding a border to the “Redeem” button, so It will cover up the distortion against the background.


I really like the background you chose, it is very simple and relaxed. To make the UI “pop” more, I would blur it a little bit, so the text is more visible, and it looks cleaner.

I would also recommend making the X to close the UI a little bit thicker, it looks kinda off to me.

Again, Overall, great job, Keep up the great work!
I’d love to see your progression on UI!


Thanks so much. What do color would I use for the border of the Redeem button?

It looks pretty good! I would add an actual Submit button, change the font, as @TrulyChxse says add a border, and make it lighter. Not bad for a starter’s UI!


very nice, I reccomend changing the font of redeem… and the X and the text in center, also make everything bigger (buttons and text)


Thanks for the feedback!

CC: @N_aps

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Great UI! Something that I personally think that should be improved is the style of the UI, just like how you picked a blue background for the text background, I think adding some blue to the other background would make it look better! Overall, the UI is great, just needs some improvements!

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To what?

i dont like the ui its to simple the collors dont match and the x is kinda small
i personally dont make ui btw
also if your a starter maybe dont do commisions yet lol

heres some ui i made

first ui i made

different version

wooden ui i made for my game

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You should turn the close button

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What do you mean by this?

I went for minimalistic.

i do like the simple style but i dont fell like this one looks right

simple is better for more realistic games and horror games but you made it cartoony
good examples of simple are the mimic or scp-3008

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Thanks for the feedback! I will take this into consideration.

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Like turn it kinda so it gives flavor

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Turn it how. Like rotate it 45 degrees?

You should make the background colour match with the codes text.

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True, it would match, but I feel that would be too light. This is easier on the eyes.