Feedback on commission sheet

Hi! I’m BluuByte (previously Icy_Devv) I’m looking into getting back into logo design. I had made 4 logos during school yesterday and looking to get feedback on the commission sheet for them.

Blue Gradient Version

Black Version

Would you buy a logo?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not yet, but maybe

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That looks really nice and clean! It displays your logos nicely. Great work (nice logos btw)

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The logos are very basic and don’t have much variation. I’d give a 5.5/10.

How toxic can this community get xD. Those logos are awesome. I said to rate the Comm sheet NOT THE LOGOS.

There is no toxicity in their message, neither a negative connotation. They’re just giving feedback on what they see, that is why you came to the “Creations Feedback” category right? I will give you credit when you say that you want us to rate the commission sheet, but then you ask if would we commission.

Anyhow, I think the comission sheet is good, maybe if there was more info on it, names (clients), a price range maybe, some limits or standards, so it’s more upfront.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you were asking. The sheet looks great, it shows the price and discord and everything.

It’s too simple in my opinion. With a commission sheet you can apply your talents as a extra demonstration of your design skills, but this just a plain solid-color background. Maybe adding some patterns or shading could make it nicer.