Feedback On Completed Menu | Dayron Grill

So as i have stated in like 1,000,000 different Cool creations Topics, I am working on a game called Dayron Grill that is coming out on 7/29/2020. I wanted to know how the menu looked in the public’s opinion:

Keep in mind this is only the menu for V1 and i have never made something like this before. (Credit to @O_Tommyxo for scripting on this one, I did the UI.)

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I’d suggest changing the fonts, other than that I like the options. :smiley:

Okay, i used to make this so it isn’t the best.

No its alright. :grin: (30 chars)

Okay, in the future i’ll make it more cartoony and i’ll do it in Roblox studio.

I suggest changing the text font to something more respective, this seeems a bit out to date, maybe also making the UI tip corners a bit more curving/smooth. Maybe changing the background color aswell. 4/10 rating in the modern day in my own opinion, but well organized!

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I might remake it as a Ui instead of in so that will fix it.

Lol. Great idea. (insert 30 characters here)

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