Feedback on Composition

I composed a piece for solo piano entitled: Midnight Rain and would like your honest option on it.

This piece tries to convey the feeling of gloominess, loneliness and a sorrow life. When composing this piece, I pictured: waking up in the middle of a cold night, looking out a window covered in condensation.

I find it a little boring with the slow tempo and four-bar chord progression. What do you think? How can I improve this piece?


I like it! I think you should change the tempo in the middle, cause there is a sudden stop. Anyways, great piece of music!

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Could you please specify the time stamp? Thank you for your suggestion!

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You could try these following ideas:

  • Add reverb enough to have an audible tail, maybe 440 ms.
  • Try reducing the bass to lower mid-range frequencies a little, maybe by 1 dB.
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I like it, but it’s very slow. Also, it reminds me of Coffin Dance. You should shorten the stops where it goes silent, or add some sort of ambience like in lofi.

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