Feedback on Cool's, a restaurant roleplay game

I am working on a project called Cool’s, a restaurant roleplay game.
Please leave feedback so I can improve the project!

Keep in mind that this project is still in progress.


The front desk area

Some seating for 2 people

A better view of the seating area upstairs, with a island in the background

A management only room/management spawn point

Is this good so far?
  • Yes
  • No

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Its not good. Currently I do know its a WIP. The mixture with roblox terrain and parts is not good.
the background is bad the font on the sign is not good as well!
very small table image


suppose you will add somethings there I suggest add a window.

Big but empty + sign is too small. And the water behind it is not good.

Other than that. Good job…

It was the best I could do.

The empty photos load in randomly based off a few ids I chose, as soon as the game starts.

What about this? Also, the water I cannot seem to be able to fix.

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Cmon man! Thats the best you can do? I have no words

understandable. But the top is a bit empty

add carpets, rope fences chairs tables and more! Take inspiration from google. Thats what I do!

i think it looks nice, honestly. alot better than i could do.

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Is this better?

Here is the new front area I made.

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Thank you very much for your feedback! :smiley:


wont load :confused: thats what appears

When I uploaded it, it was not like that. Now it shows the same. I will try re-editing the post though.

the last one works the first one nope. And yea the front looks very very better.

Thank you for your feedback! :wink: