Feedback on Courtroom Scene

Experimental build with lighting and textures. What do ya’ll think?
Honest feedback and criticism would be great! :smiley:


Looks like a commission for 8K - 16K robux! Great job!

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I really like it. The lighting is nice and everything is detailed nicely. The textures match, its pretty neat.

Only two small complaints.

With all of the detailing the doors seem rather bland in comparison. I’d work on detailing that a bit more.

The lamps are a bit odd. They aren’t what I normally imagine floor lights to look like. They’re a bit too bright (which I know is how ROBLOX neon is) but maybe like a cover or something to make it seem more realistic would be good.

But its otherwise pretty good.

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Looks awesome!
As @ComplicatedParadigm mentioned, maybe make the Neon Parts slightly transparent to cut down the neon, or put a mostly Transparent Decal on them. Play with the Transparency values of either to get the brightness toned down.
I’d also recommend having all the chairs slightly rotated or moved so they look more random and natural and not copy/pasted.
If the desk lights are supposed to be adjustable then maybe have them at slightly different angles as well.
There should also be 12 jury seats.

Genuinely looks good. Nice lighting.

It would take a hard look to spot something that’s out of place, so to the general public and me, this looks awesome. No doubt.

Awesome! I really like how it looks

Damn something like this will go for that much?

You made it in such a way that I look at that and don’t think “roblox” which is awesome! It looks simple but detailed at the same time.

The only suggestion I have is that the chairs look too perfect, you can make some of them at a slight rotation or some are too forward or backwards for realism, now am not an expert in these rooms but if they’re supposed to be in order like that then don’t do it too much. In pictures I’ve seen they’re normal wooden seats but this one has the type of chairs that spin so it’s not common they’re in exact order. which is why am suggesting this.

Also lastly the door seems to have some detail on the first screenshot and not on the second one which I found a bit strange but that’s all.

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This looks very good! I love the lighting, the chairs. It really looks nice

looks like something you can sell for 15k - 25k robux…

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