Feedback on Crates Wanted!

Hello! If you follow the Cool Creations topic, chances are you’ve seen me around. I’m looking for feedback on two crates. I’m making them for a science lab/futuristic themed place, and I’d like to know what you all think. The main question I’m asking is which looks better, the crate with the neon triangles, or the crate with no triangles? Feedback about the crates in general is also welcomed. Thanks! :relaxed:

without triangles:

with triangles:


I Like The Style Its Futuristic.
This Also Just Look’s Like A Re-Texture Of The Crate Found In The Toolbox.


To be honest with you, if you’re looking for a more ‘futuristic’ crate the second crate would be better to use. And, if you’re looking for a more generic futuristic crate, I would use the first one.

Overall, I don’t really have any suggestions that I would want you to revise about the builds.


Whoops, didn’t know there was a crate in the toolbox, I don’t look there for models much. This was 100% made by me. I guess that’s just the generic crate style.


I like the colors and design of the crate a lot, they make it a lot more futuristic and sci-fi comparing to ones that I’ve seen in other games or pictures around the internet. In my opinion, the one with the triangles looks the best with quality and color choices that you’ve decided to put onto the crate.

Although, a suggestion that I have is maybe adding some lights like a PointLight inside of the crate as one of the main materials is neon and it would bright up a room or hallway with that type of crate.

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