Feedback on custom GUI

Hello everyone! I have been working on a custom GUI for my game in development, and I would like some feedback on these assets I made in PowerPoint. because I don’t have photoshop lmao

Please let me know your thoughts on it and have a great day!!!


Wait you made these in powerpoint??
Damn they look good!
I recommend using Lunacy it’s 100% free :happy2:

The shop icon looks like big hammer.


Yeah I just manipulated shapes till I got what I liked.
I appreciate the kind words! I never heard of Lunacy so I will check it out!
I agree the shop icon will go through another phase cause it looks a little weird.

Thank you so much!

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you are very talented I prefer using the cracked version of adobe photoshop i be you can do your best in it it has more features in it than in powerpoint

Do NOT use a cracked versions of anything it is ILLEGAL .

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you can use or GIMP. Its free and I like to use them

Sure they don’t have all features like photoshop does but it is good enough to make low poly/cartoony style UIs

I recommend Lunacy
Free Graphic Design Software (


You’re better than me, probably because I use Paint 3D (It’s a Microsoft product) and I’m not the most artistic person in the world.

Ok thanks for the save :sweat_smile:

I have been looking into Lunacy since u told me yesterday :+1:

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Yeah I have no artistic talent lmao. Keep going at it though and you will get better!
Thanks for nice words!

I’ve tried giving them a look but it seems like a lot to learn when I mainly script not design UI

Paint .net (what I use) the ui looks very confusing because of the windows at the side but if you some self taught/watching tutorials, It is a simple to use and it is very light weight image editor and creation tool

Don’t doubt yourself you might learn something new :slight_smile:

I will look into it, I’ve been looking at other softwares too so this I will add to to the list!

no problem! You know, I usually make my UIs on Roblox and they only look half as good, even with UICorner (Rounds edges of most UI objects).