Feedback on Custom Inventory GUI

Ill try to give an example real quick as im gonna make a gui simular

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This is an example of resized

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So more padding and not touching the edges?

Just dont make them touch the edges of the background frame, what i did in that example was that i made it not touch the edges of the backgriound frame ( but you do what you want)


It looks nice now!
( in my opinion)

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This custom inventory GUI looks very good! Nice job on it!


Is this gonna be a sci-fi rpg? That would be sick. The only one that’s good on roblox is star scape rn.

Also I would be happy to help you make some ui.

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The idea is that the player transmigrates to the feudal era of martial arts so the UI has a sci-fi futuristic theme to emphasise on how out of place the player is in the world. Perhaps sublimating at the peak of the first world will force the player to ascend into a proper sci-fi era but I’ll see how it goes.

There’s a couple novels I have yet to integrate since balancing is difficult but I’m looking forward to, namely “Soul of Negary” and “Mystical Journey”, both of which features ascension with various themes including but not limited to SCP, Pokemon and Skynet. Sorry for the rant just really excited to share my thoughts with the world :grin:

I appreciate the offer but I plan on making everything myself as I’ve changed my major from Computer Science to Neuroscience and game dev is just a fun hobby.

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Sounds really cool you should post dev logs to keep us updated!

As a somewhat UI designer, this is definitely better but seeing as you used a solo levelling picture as a reference and I recently just made a UI based on that, so I would say:

Add a border using UiStroke and make it distinctly dark or distinctly white and change transparency to somewhat transparent.

It’s all about adding depth to your UI and making it feel more than just a square block on the player’s screen with more square blocks.

Additionally add some layers to your background, like some tech pattern and make it somewhat transparent.

Also I would suggest finding a team if you do plan on making the game fr. Remember a team can be a duo. Fair enough you don’t want to pay anyone but it would save a lot of time (only if they are as passionate about your project as you are).

If they aren’t, then I commend you on your solo journey and, also, on mine and finding it fun and like the slow pace.

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