Feedback on Custom Inventory GUI

Thoughts and criticisms? I am primarily a scripter but working solo so I have to make everything. This is for an MMORPG. I’m considering using ImageButtons instead of TextLabels but I’ll have to resort to DALL-E 3.


It looks great.

However, I don’t really like the sharp corners. Try using UICorner (or smth like that idk how it’s named) to make the corners more smooth and appealing.

This is just my opinion, if you think it fits the game better then don’t change it.


Seems like you may have too many items to me … idk, you’ll have to see how this looks on a mobile. As is they may end up way to small.

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There’s a UIGridLayout so the GUI adjusts to the screen dimensions. And this is for an MMORPG so it won’t be for mobile but thank you for your concerns

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You asked for Thoughts and criticisms … no need for a reply.

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Wanted to thank you for your input regardless and give extra detail in case any newcomers would feel like giving their opinions


This is good but one problem, one word: Sharp corners

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Could you explain what’s the issue with sharp corners?

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It needs a little more work, in my opinion.

Work on what specifically though? It’s a prototype and I’ll use a viewportframe for each item once I finish scripting the system but I don’t know what makes a UI appealing.

As @sixneinnnn included, the sharp corners is kind of throwing me off.

But what’s the problem with sharp corners :sob:
I have a warped sense of aesthetics so I need some mainstream input

So when i said that the problem was sharp corners, i didn’t mean to say that i want them like a circle, just make the square a bit rounded and it will be fine

I get it! This inventory is overall pretty nice. It’s just that it is a little bit uneven and the colors aren’t the best. If I may ask, what type of game is this?

Ah i know what it is! You need to resize them a bit, reduce the size and it will be alright!

Manhua cultivation system theme

(Image from solo levelling because I can’t be bothered to find a proper pic)

Since I am more of a terrain designer, take my words with a grain of salt. That is just some advice, if you want your game to explode!

Is this too big?

Honestly its not bad but just reduce the size of the buttons saying “Item” a bit

10 items per row then perhaps?