Feedback on Custom Rendering Camera

I created a script that goes through every pixel depending on a resolution variable on your screen and does some cool “ray tracing” stuff. Basically it does around a million ray casts and does some cool stuff with the rays position and normal values to generate an image that has shadows, reflections, and some other cool stuff. So far this is my 2nd rewrite.

Screenshots from the first can be seen here (note: the reflections for the first one dont make much sense (except for the one for the spheres)

Screenshots for first

Failed Reflections

Functional screenshots. (the rtx off/on is for you to know if its rendered or not)

But back to my newest one. My newest one is much better and has much accurate reflections. It also partially supports water terrain. I am still trying to implement shading (there is some basic shading, but its not that good) Heres some screenshots: (if your wondering why the height is so short for the screenshots, basically I had the output open)

ignore the weird black thing on the blue sphere, not sure why thats there yet

I would like it if you could give me ways I could improve or things I could add to this. This is honestly the first time I have ever done anything like this so I am completely new to all this stuff. This is by far the most workspace:Raycast I have ever used in my entire life.

If it wasnt obvious, this does not run in real time at all. It takes like 20 seconds to render a single frame


Hmm, this is a really good idea
Im not an expert on this though

The fact that you can choose is good

Nice job for a raycast tast

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This seems really cool, my only concern is rendering speed. You could probably get really good performance by using viewports instead of frames (assuming that’s what you are using)

if you don’t want to script it, viewport canvas exists.

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I actually already use GradientCanvas. Though, I will switch to ViewportCanvas, as I forgot it bypasses the UI limit.

You may also get a performance bump because viewports are more efficient. :slight_smile:

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