Feedback on default-esque face expressions

I’m making a set of facial expression decals in the style of the Roblox default face, and I’m thinking of releasing it to the public. Here’s what I have now (and normal face for reference).
DefltFace DefltFaceFear DefltFaceMad2 DefltFaceNervous DefltFaceSmirk DefltFaceFrown DefltFaceSad

I’m also trying to figure out how to draw teeth or open mouths, so feel free to suggest how I can illustrate those. Other than that, share any thoughts or criticism you have.


You can add more colors to make it cool.


No. Most Roblox faces don’t have color. The ones that do are most likely limited faces.


Ah, I make things like this for personal use, giving them names and such too, I haven’t said anything about them, since they’re just edits of faces together. Here are mine!

(I feel like there’s less than I remember, but I do remember uploading some on alts.)

Just a note: The frowny face you made already exists.

The reason I made this was to have facial expressions similar to the default face. In my opinion the emoticons are better for showing exaggerated faces. I like the default face’s “hand drawn” style of it and because it isn’t perfectly symmetrical like the Sad face in the Catalog.


welp i can’t draw smooth like that :thinking:

I love making 2010 style games so if you do make these public they would be a great help to me and those like me

What do you mean by smooth? I can help you with that if you want.

Like, making it look like it wasn’t drawn during an earthquake.

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If you have any drawing software like Paint 3D, they have curve and line tools. From there, you can edit your face decals. Hope that helps.

You can also use a vector drawing tool like Inkscape.