Feedback on Demon Slayer themed prop hunt game!

Demon Slayer Hide and Seek Shooting is a fun Demon Slayer themed prop hunt game. In this game, you get to either be a hider that blends into the map as an object, or you can be a shooter dressed in a Demon Slayer themed costume to eliminate the hiders in the map using weapons like rifles, shotguns, or XBows. I would like for you guys to play it and give some honest feedback on the game. I really see potential in this game in becoming one of the top games in the Hide and Seek category on Roblox, but as of right now, it’s still stuck at around 10 to 20 concurrent players with the support of advertisements. We have tried to make improvements already for months, but we haven’t seemed to find the formula for success. So we are hoping to find some ways we can get the game to be popular, either if it’s from improving the game itself or finding new ways to get the game well known. Thank you for any replies!