Feedback on desktop backround I made

a while ago a saw a few people making roblox studio background so I decided to make one with the windows logo just for fun

not to sure why I did the windows logo but its easy and could be used not just by roblox devs

(also windows uses a simalar style so I thought Id just make something that looks simalar to the windows ad’s using there logo)

about a year later a saw a youtube tutorial by ducky 3d on how to make a modern style render and I thought I wanted to try that style and remake my desktop since I never really liked it but I never got to remaking it

until last week were I decided to remake it I think it turned out really good

heres the video (used his render as

How To Get That Modern 3D Look in Blender (it’s easier than you think) - YouTube

I went through a few iterations making it but ended up using the one you see above

here was my first attempt

I didnt really like the sqaures since they didnt look like I thought they would, the balance of blue to white wasnt the best, and it was kinda hard to tell that it was the windows logo

anways kinda rushed through this just wanted to see what people thought

I like doing these random blender projects and will probally do more in the future
this one took about 3 hours for both attempts


Honestly that is cool af, it looks hella good

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Cool idea, I like it, unique too tbf

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Looks great! Love the concept.

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