Feedback on Detailed Sword made in Blender

Hello! I am Lows3D, about a month and a half ago, I started my weapon design journey. For the people who have been here since I started, thanks! Here’s the recent, you know what to do.

  • What sticks out the most?
  • What makes it special to you?
  • What’s the most noticeable part of it?
  • If this was your piece of art, what would you do to improve it/ change.

Screenshot_428 Screenshot_430


The short handle. It looks a little unbalanced.

The blue glow to the sword.

The floating shards around the sword.

  • Make the handle longer.
  • Remove that small golden piece in the middle of the blade.

Alright, sweet! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll fix the handle, and possible do something different for the middle. Maybe add a runic pattern.

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Probably the part connecting the handle and blade, looks very ornate.

The incredible detail around the handle.

  1. The bits surrounding the blade that are floating shouldn’t be symetrical. This could just be me.
  2. Remove the end bit of the handle and make it thicker.
  3. This bit
    shouldn’t be so sharp.
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