Feedback on DevEngagement Team Thumbnail

Hey @DevEngagementTeam, I paid someone 4,500 robux for them to make you guys a thumbnail!

We as a community do not really appreciate the staff teams at Roblox. I would have made a thumbnail for every team at Roblox, but that would cost 100s of thousands of robux. On the devforum and on Roblox, I have witnessed very few people who appreciate the staff at Roblox. I literally see multiple posts each day regarding to Roblox moderation issues or other issues, but no one really appreciates the things we have. Imagine if we had no one who took care of the devforum or moderated Roblox. Imagine the chaos it would be. The moderation and management at Roblox may not be perfect, but nothing is perfect! Take some time to appreciate the @DevEngagementTeam today, and let me know how you feel about the thumbnail I commissioned someone to make.

Credit to @sbdagoat7 for allowing me to commission him for this project. Let me know how you like the thumbnail!

The entire @DevEngagementTeam as of 03/27/22 is featured in this thumbnail.

In the front (Left to Right)
MatticusG, HakaiShin_AOD, TaipanVII, Lvl100SuperBurrito, KnightGaladeld, Sergeant_Roach, Amphiriteal, inevitable_kazumi, infamous_eddy.

2nd Row (Left to Right)
Righteous_IX, PancakesNSyrup21, the_secondlastblade,
xMaverickGunnerx, WinterWizard7, PilotGuy27, OptimalAces027, Mrs_Rollercoaster, Moxyll

Back (Left to Right)
RockdetBoy, Tew_L

Thanks @TaipanVII!!!


Looks sweet! Best part is there is no ugly Rthro characters :grin:



That. looks. A M A Z I N G.

I agree that we should all appreciate the @DevEngagementTeam because we need them more than others think. WIthout them, the DevForum would be in absolute chaos.

I’m glad that someone went out of their way to make this post and commission to appreciate the team and I’m sure the Developer Engagement Team will really appreciate this as well. :slight_smile:


It looks cool, but around 40 dollars of robux for it? idk man

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That is really cool! I hope they see this and appreciate it.

Hello, I am doozy, the one who made this, and yes I do know if you were buying Robux it would be a lot, but as there is a tax for gamepasses and devex rates, it came down to about 11 dollars.

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Thank you for the kind words on my work! :grinning:

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At this point, who cares! As long as it wasn’t too much I didn’t really mind! I may have spent alot but I’d do it for these people who make sure that we have a pleasing time!


It appears that @inevitable_kazumi saw the DM where I shared this post and liked it! Thanks for taking your time to look at it and let me know if you need anything else from me! Let me know how you feel about the thumbnail!


I’m sure that’s the average monthly income of good devs, I think maybe you can contact a few guys.
A lot of people I talked on DevForum are filled with limiteds and robux ngl

Hakashin_AOD used iron breaker head, isn’t that Rthro? (He’s my roblox friend :D)

No… it only worth 14 USD… We’re DEVs, remember?

Not in terms of DevEx but in terms of its actual value.

Well it wasn’t an ugly rthro so he is fine :grin:


I don’t have an issue with it. It still looks great!

It is, and he is my friend as well.

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Yooo this is Amazing! also i hope that most of the moderators see this so they see that we appreciate ther help. :hearts:

I’m getting missed messages with this, was this an error?

No, us as a community do not really appreciate the staff at roblox as we should. They are the ones that make Roblox, Roblox! Without them the platform wouldn’t be monitored and wouldn’t be as successful of a corporation! This was commissioned to show how much I appreciate them.

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I see. Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile: