Feedback on Donation UI

I have created a donation gui and released it to the public for anyone to use. You can find the dark theme version here.

My goal for this UI creation was to create a modern, easy-to-use donation gui that anyone can add to their game. I am looking for feedback on how I can improve the design and what I can add to enhance it.



Vote - Option 1 or Option 2?



  • Option 1 (Transparent Header)
  • Option 2 (Grey Header)

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Looks really nice and polished. It looks symmetrical and has a really nice modern feeling

“You may even get a small reward”

This essentially turns it into a loot box which there are special rules about disclosing odds and making it fair for the players.

Idk what you should do instead, but that word choice/system comes with baggage.


Agreed, I changed the wording a bit.

It looks very clean, however there is one small change I would do.

Swap the Donate and Cancel buttons and center them.

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Nice clean and simple look. Overall 8/10.

I really like the design! I prefer with the transparent header, I think it looks a bit better than the other tbh.

Also love the dark mode (I’m obsessed with like all dark modes lol)!

Looks nice and clean, love the choice of colors, great work! In my opinion, I prefer the grey header as it emphasizes what the dialog is for, a way to donate to the game owner(s).

My only concern is, why 2 models for light and dark theme? Maybe add a theme option to the configuration modulescript, which the core localscript would read and change the colors accordingly.

Maybe have the donation amount somewhere on the UI, overall it looks nice

Looks good, simple and clear.
You should add in the donation amount, just like @Quoteory said.

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It’s ok I guess, but change the wording in my opinion.