Feedback on Donut

Hello all,

I currently rendered this donut. It’s a cartoony donut for a possible upcoming café game. I would like to know what I can do to improve my skills.

Feedback and criticism as always is appreciated. :slight_smile:



Looks awesome.
How many tris? It looks like a lot but I know smoothing does wonders from Blender. Too many tris and if you have 500 doughnuts in a place it may slow down rendering.
Also I’d recommend making the actual doughnut part a little more brown. It looks a bit undercooked.


We all start somewhere, welcome to blender. Your donut looks too smooth, add some dips where a humans fingers might be at


That Doughnut looks wonderful, maybe add some more detail like rainbow sprinkles, overall its fantastic, keep it up. :smiley: :doughnut:

…What? That post you referenced has the donut in it, yes, but it’s still from him.

The donut is amazing and super professionally done, but it kind of appears more realistic than cartoony

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Very very creative. Probably one of the most realistic things I have been such as food products. Love this, keep up the good work. <3

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Isn’t this from a tutorial?


Looks nice! However, like @Diamond_Plus1 stated it looks a bit too smooth. Try to add some more of a rough feel. Looks great overall though!

It looks amazing, great job! I love the cartoony look to it, The smoothness looks perfect on the donut. I also love how you gave the donut dripping icing, keep up the good work!
(Even if this was from a tutorial it still looks excellent.)

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No, it isn’t. I don’t know what tutorial you’re talking about?

Thank you. It wasn’t from a tutorial though… :man_shrugging: But, I appreciate the feedback.

The most perfect donut I have seen. So nice ahhhhh :+1:

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my guy watching a blender guru tutorial and posting it on forums.


Isn’t this like your third time posting this donut you stole from a tutorial? I don’t get why you’re so persistent in passing it on as your own, if you actually cared about improving then you’d start from scratch and get actual advice.

Looks nice, reminds of the video Blender Guru made.

Stole from a tutorial? Woah woah woah, I didn’t steal anything. I actually have a friend who knows Blender way better than I do. Don’t get ahead of yourself. My guy, I don’t know who Blender Guru is. I’d appreciate it if you would please make your response a little bit nicer than just being a bit rude.

Maybe learn the back story before you criticize someone on something like this. As I said, I have a buddy who has been specifically helping me. Please, don’t come off as rude man. You could’ve made your response a little nicer.


I wanna eat that donout aaaaaaaaa

Look at the end result of blender guru then yours.

your donut

blender guru’s donut.

Not saying you stole anything, But nothing is wrong with following a tutorial. Easiest way to learn.

Also lower the tris, your game will lag out if you plan to have a couple of these for display or people walking around with em.

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Really nice.
Perfect piece of donut I want to have. :stuck_out_tongue: