Feedback on doors inspired map

me and @lilmazen1234 have been working an a doors inspired game and want feedback on one of the levels we made


also we where thinking of changing the walls should we

  • Keep current
  • Make new (more like doors)

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also for the closet

  • Keep current (on the right)
  • Use new (on the left)

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btw colors dont matter just the models

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there are a few other models but they look the same as doors so should we make them look the same as doors or make are own models?

Imo, if you are going for a horror game type then the walls should be a different color and darker. Also the wood doesn’t look that realistic. Other then that, it looks good!

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yes (111283239234102384023409832490)

thanks for the feedback
the wood texture is actully the same one doors used just a different color
we will probally change the color of the wall texture but we might also change the texture to one more like doors

You should set ambient and outside ambient to 0,0,0 And also make the neon parts less yellow and enable CastShadow on the roof, oh and if you have not already, use the futuristic light option and enable shadow on all the light instances. just saying this because i dont really like the lighting as it doesn’t look alot like doors, this is just my opinon. I like the door and closset model though.

ye the lighting is deffinetly not done yet

and maybe make the walls a bit darker so that it matches the carpet and the bed

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doors’ map is heavily inspired from hello neighbor, so Imo this looks like hello neighbor too.

Yeah it looks cool, now show it with future lighting, it will look awesome!


i dont know if you can get copyright i think own models
very good