Feedback On Dress

Hi everyone, just looking for some feedback on this dress and parasol

Be as critical as you need


This is really beautiful and handsome, they would definitely buy it for their avatar. I have no criticism of your designs.

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They both look AMAZING, keep up the great work!

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It is well designed! But it might be a bit too big, IDK the exact size of it but from the parasol it looks humongous in comparison.

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Yeah its supposed to be very dramatic lol

Like these

image image

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Even if inspired by that design it still seems way too big. Are you planning for this to be a UGC item, or is it for something else?

Not for ugc its way over them limits lol

its just for fun i just wanted to make something i never make

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Royale High needs you haha. Seriously this is stunning. Keep up the great work!


The shape of it is way too wide. I get you’re trying to make an exaggerated dress but think about being able to fit through a door. In real life you can play around silk and going through doors is not a problem, in roblox you could be looking like you are a giant half-sphere going through the place, so you need to play around the solid of roblox. What I’m saying is that, by reducing the overall wideness (in X and Z) of the dress you can look more appealing. The first picture of the dress you showed for referencing IS wide, but not hugely wide.

Another thing is the contact with the floor. A lot of wedding dresses are designed to go in a forward direction (as you can see when they enter the wedding room) and not much in other directions. Your dress is confusing when it comes to contact, where was the last direction the person went on when using that dress? Around 95% of the time it’s forwards, because going to the sides seems like a joke unless that you’re talking dancing, and going backwards is dangerous, so think of the person going forwards, why does it feel it doesn’t go to any direction? It feels like it’s on the position for the mannequin to show, and even then most wedding designs are made to be able to move forward, even if they’re big, which means they leave some room in the forward area to let the person wearing the dress go forward with not much problem. So another thing is to design it in a way that it considers going forward, dresses that touch the floor will leave a small trace of the dress’ silk behind the person, like the first picture. See that chunk of silk behind the mannequin? That’s something that always happens, and because your dress is missing part of that it feels confusing to sight.

Another thing is, well, on roblox, if someone were to wear this you would want it hard for the character to jump. Roblox characters jump comically high to help with the game’s design, if you were to wear that and jump all the time with it, it would look funny more than what it would be serious because of roblox’s huge jumping height, plus the fact that you can’t add weight to it. This is not meant to be something you could use, but I am just imagining it could help if you were to put it in place, a place.

And lastly. You could benefit a lot if the umbrella was as wide as the skirt (or the bigger part of the dress, I don’t know how it’s called). In this place right now the umbrella looks like the tiny hat of a giant, if you design the umbrella to be somewhat wider (like a parasol, doesn’t have to be huge like the lower part of the dress) you would be deleting a part of the cuteness of it, but I can see that you’re not trying to show the dress as cute but as “an important figure”, so getting rid of the cuteness of it (making the umbrella bigger rather than small) won’t really affect it negatively but positively. The dress doesn’t try to look cute, let me tell you, because when someone is big they look like they’re important and, most importantly, independent. A cute person is not independent, when someone looks at a cute thing it’s because they’re defenseless and dependant of someone else, which is why you find kittens and babies as cute, it’s because they’re the opposite of independent, they depend of their mother to live. Another thing is the fact that big people are rarely ever looked as cute, because they seem to know what they’re doing once they’re big, so trying to make them look cute wont really work. This might cause issuescwith your idea of what you want to do, I believe you want the dress to be cute, but you will have problems if you do it big. If you’re looking for cuteness, you need to know that loose outfits appear as cute more than tight outfits do, which is why it is more common to find children with loose clothes than adults, maybe teens…

Or you could get rid of the umbrella and replace it with a hat, a formal hat that goes in all directions similar to death’s Sombrero in the book of life, it’d be wide and it’s synergize with the big dress. If you do both the umbrella and the hat you would be removing the function of the other one: which one of those two do you use to protect yourself from the sun? Why would you need the other one?

I like your dress, though, don’t get me wrong it looks good, I just think these things could benefit you.

Reduce the wideness of the dress because it would be hard to see it pass through the main door

Give it a sense of movement to it, make it look like it went forward rather than stay in place all the time. Make it feel like it’s clothes and not bricks.

Try and make whoever wears this dress in roblox have difficulty jumping high (though this might not be as useful)

Have the umbrella synergize with the dress rather than go the opposite direction of what the dress does, or just have it be a big hat that goes in all directions. I’m not saying a cap, I’m saying a formal hat for ladies.

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