Feedback on even more gun meshes

Like, seriously guys, can you please give me feedback on how these designs look and not just be like “oh cool, i’m gonna like this and move on”. It’s not very helpful and I want to know if I need improvement. (Edit: i am aware the AK47 is not great and I will post the new one in my next batch of gun meshes!)


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dude im really sorry all the top two guns look really good but like

Im not really feelin the last one though…

that looks nothing like an ak-47 lets be real


ok, I’ll see what I can do about fixing it.


Im really sorry if that last one was harsh ive seen you on my other posts but like i had to be honest

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I don’t realistically care because the AK47 and all other gun meshes from my other post, besides the Glock 17, were made a while ago, when my modeling with Blender was still being worked on and I didn’t completely understand how it worked, nor did I even go on the devforum as much as now. The Sig P320, Glock 17, and AWP were made a couple days ago and as such utilize my current modeling knowledge greatly. I’ll see what I can do about redoing the AK-47 and maybe making a few other models too. I also have an M3 Sub Machine Gun and a Luger that need to be finished