Feedback on explosion


I am not sure if this is the right place to post it but here we go.

So I tried making an explosion and I want some feedback.
The effects of the explosion are made by Particle Emitters

Here is the explosion:

(Changed the smoke’s color a bit)

Video of the explosion:

I also have a problem.
When I turn about 87° in first person the particles will go invisible.
I hope I explained the issue well enough that you can understand.

(Sorry for bad grammar as English is not my first language)


The explosion has nice detail to it, with the clipping off in first person on the other hand I am unsure of; but I am pretty sure someone will be able to help you.


Thanks for the feedback!


The explosion looks good but can we see it in active? Like right before it expose?

Also maybe try to make it a little darker like the cloud around it.


Thanks i will upload a video of the explosion shortly!

The video of the explosion should now be uploaded

Ok, some things that I dont like the after smoke of it looks like it just drops and the light comes on but… after smoke I feel like it should be a cloud like dispersing and not just going away like that.

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I am not really sure how to avoid the cloud going away like that but I think that i can try to add something to the script that changes the particle emitters values and will make it look like it will disperse.

You could use the NumberSequence to transparency, like the explosion fading out, and the color of the explosion (yellow) should be like more reddish or orange.

Also, i think this is for Art Design Support.

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The explosion’s cloud acctualy now kind of disperses.

I uptated the video so there you can see that.

I actually used the Wait command to make it fade out.

Here is how I did it:

SmokeTransparency = 0.5
SmokeTransparency = 0.2
Smoke.Enabled = false

(also moved the topic)

I Recommend you use a script to enable the particles, and disable it in less of a second.

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With the fire effect maybe?

(nvm the fire effect actually is disabled under a second in the script.)

No, i mean both, since both are like disappearing like doing a click, and doesn’t looks very good, that’s why it’s better do a fade out effect.

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(Sorry for the late reply)

I uptaded the video so that the smoke fades out.
I will try to do it with the fire effect too.

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The fire effect also now fades out

(video updated again)

Ok, now it looks better! Well, i don’t have more to say, i like your explosion :+1:

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Why fade out with a script when roblox has built in transparency control for particle emitters? When editing the transparency in the properties menu, click the dots on the right and you’ll have a blast.
unless you already knew that

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Hi. I think you did a great job with this explosion, it looks quite realistic. That’s a good example of how to use ParticleEmitters well.

About this,

The issue probably happens when the parent of the ParticleEmitter is out of sight: particles won’t be displayed when the camera is looking to another direction. Maybe it will fix if you use a part as big as the explosion.

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