Feedback on exterior for a diner I'm working on

As of now, I decided to try to improve my building skills by making a somewhat 60’s style diner since it was one of the first things that came to mind. I think it looks good, so feedback is appreciated!

By the way, I haven’t started the interior yet.
It’s also a wip if you couldn’t tell.


It looks good! Some stuff like the pillars looks a bit too much like plastic, and maybe use negate to cut some things and to give it some more identity.

It is just terrible, you have no talent at all. I have no words at all to describe the mess I’m looking at. Everything just appears to have been placed in random locations including the windows, please, did you even measure the distance between each window. The materials, they don’t even fit the building at all, why is the sign in neon, and the walls in metal/concrete, I don’t even wanna start talking about the road. However, I do know that this is in development, but overall, this is horrifying to look at.

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IDK why so many people say stuff like “its not even aligned”
I think it is less about positioning and more about the design theme maybe add a bit of detail or some colours
because those windows DO look aligned properly