Feedback on facility designs

Hi guys!

I’m Codi, currently working on a project of mine. I’d just like to ask, what do you guys think of my designs for it in my portfolio below?

These aren’t by any means definitive designs, but they’re what I’ve made and been inspired by over the past few months. The blue and white hallways are what I’m using primarily, though.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! I’m trying my best to improve where I can and however I can. In my eyes, the best part about the devforum is learning from others.



They all look really cool in my opinion.

Have you considered creating a Roblox portfolio? It would be great for getting paid to build for people if you’re looking to enter that arena. I personally would be interested in having you work on one of my projects :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback!

Well I’m always up for work lol, I’ve considered it but I don’t think I’d like to create a portfolio on the devforum just yet.

I do take the odd commission though as I’ve got a good deal of time on my hands and it’s always helpful to branch out and gain experience too, whilst making some fair money.

If you’ve got a project you’d like to consider me for, feel free to PM me on the devforum or discord :slight_smile: (codi#8889)