Feedback on Factory Fixers!

Hello! I just released my second game, Factory Fixers! And am looking for feedback and thoughts! Please remember that it’s in BETA, and their may be bugs.

About the Game:
Factory Fixers is an idle game inspired by the popular web based game Cookie Clicker. You click on various objects to fix them gaining cash. With the cash you can upgrade your clicker, buy fixers to click for you, and buy more segments. New segments contain new objects to repair.

What Makes this Game Unique:
With all of the clicker simulators on ROBLOX you might be asking what features make this game cooler and more unique. Here are some of the many unique features:

  1. The game is 2D - The game is done in a 2D environment.
  2. Advanced Worker System - Hire workers to do the clicking for you!
  3. New Segments - You don’t just click on one item, you buy more segments with new and better items.
  4. No Ridiculous Purchases - There isn’t 50 gamepasses like modern simulators.
  5. Free VIP Servers - There isn’t a reason why VIP servers should have to cost money.


What Are You Waiting for?
Go check the game out and give me some valuable feedback! It would be much appreciated.


(Keep in mind it is in BETA and their may be bugs.)

Thank you for reading / checking out of the game!


Oh my gosh, this game is insanely addicting! You warning about getting addicted should be much larger! I really like it, the only suggestion I have is add an NPC in the room when you have hired them, as sometimes it’s confusing. If you need help with that contact me. You’ll be seeing me playing a lot, believe me! :slight_smile: Keep going and do some advertising, this game could be the next front page game!


I am not going to lie, I find the overall concept of this game sort of boring. However I think that the overall design of the game is really clean and easy to understand. I really like the choice of music, the UI design, and the overall aesthetic of the game. I think that you can easily use these design choices in other projects and succeed.

I think I have learned a fair bit from how you have designed your UI, I like how it makes sense for both desktop and mobile players which I think is something a lot of other developers overlook.

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Thank you! Don’t worry I have no intent on adding crazy OP gamepasses and ridiculously expensive stuff. Skins are an extremely good idea I hadn’t thought of and will definitely be considered. We have much more content and items on its way. Thank you for the feedback!

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XD the game can get addictive very quickly. Many people have suggested adding the workers as NPCs so we definitely want to add that sometime in the future. However, I am currently focusing on fixing bugs and polishing the game to get it out of BETA. Thank you for the feedback!

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I agree that the game can seem boring. In the end it is in BETA. So expect some more content very soon. Thank you for the valuable feedback!

Not my thing, but very nice, bug free, could do with a bit more animation and room variety, but otherwise excellent work! I hope you dont get swamped by all the other crappy simulators

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