Feedback on Fan-Made GFX

I used Roblox Studio for models, Character Inserter Lite by AlreadyPro, and I used Blender 2.92 in cycles setting to render. Then Adobe Photoshop to edit and add the sky texture. This is my 3rd thumbnail that I’ve done (I think). Thank you for reading and your Feedback!


Fan made render of Frappé® - Roblox. (GFX is free for Frappe if they want it and not for allowed for any other group to use. Thank you)


it’s pretty good, the lighting and background need some touching though

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Hello @YdoIIar!
Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 4.57.57 PM

just to note that the cashier’s hand is clipping through the table.
Hoped this helped!

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Woah, that’s impressing! Some lighting adjustments would be great, for example sun rays or simply have a similar scheme to the actual game.

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