Feedback on Fantasy Game UI?

i’ve been a hobbyist graphic designer for a few years now and i’ve been serious about the hobby ever since i entered game design. is this UI appropriate for a fantasy RPG game? what do you think about it? could things be changed? fixed? all feedback is appreciated! <3

– note that the background here within the “no item selected” pane is a diagonally-scrolling looping texture, so it is not perfectly in place, as it moves!


It looks Awesome! You’ve put in many details to the UI & Text as well; I have never seen someone do this well, just normal GUI frame & text labels.

For the question, it does fit for a fantasy RPG game, because you got the head section, torso, character UI, & slots & a currency. You also got a crafting station, which fits for an RPG game, & selling the things you have that you don’t need anymore.

I hope you do well for the game you might make!


I think it looks amazing! The level of detail is impressive!

It looks good but with a bit more saturation it would catch the eye more.

Hello! I think that the UI is amazing. I do like the theme and you’ve made it really well. I wouldn’t change anything.

That is some of the best looking, unique UI I’ve seen on roblox so far. Great work!

It looks really nice! Just some tips though:

Oh where do I start with the colors? I do really like them and can definitely see where you where going with them, with just how much overall brown there is in everything is just really something you don’t want to be looking at for a long time. I’ll cut you some slack though and say that the colors do give off a really strong vibe thats just screaming “FANTASY”.

Yes. The fonts. I dont know, but I feel like the fonts are just kinda overall wrong. For this I cant really complain the way I love to and was born to do (#DramaLlama).

Overall, though, its a really nice UI, and I really love all of the attention to detail.
-WalkingTalkingTopHat :smiley:

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Amazing! Looks very good, I would hire you, but I don’t need an UI Designer :smiley:

is it bad i instantly got runescape vibes from these images
they’re really good!! but like @WalkingTalkingTopHat said, the font feels unfitting.
perhaps something like this?
no idea what font this is but i just googled fantasy fonts. either way, its SUPER good and i love how unique it feels

Really cool so far! I don’t know much about creating UI’s, however I do some graphic design. I would say, coming from an artist, to make it a bit less metallic and sharp. I don’t know if that makes sense but for a fantasy game I picture a more nature theme UI. Good work!