Feedback on fictional state community

Heya, this is mostly just a post looking for suggestions and criticisms for a community that’s been in development for some time. For a bit of background, it’s a fictional roleplay game based in modern day (2016-2022+) where people are able to “roleplay” in a variety of ways, ranging from being a national guardsman to a criminal empire kingpin.

In short, we’ve taken after two communities really, for those of you unfamiliar I’ve attached a hyperlink to the names with youtube clips so you can flick through and see what I mean, one of which being the State of Mayflower and the other being the State of Ridgeway.

Alot of the development team has had some experience in these communities whether they have been in law enforcement, fire&medical or just a private citizen. Although the ro-state genre in comparison to the other 55 million players who experience the platform on a wide range of genres that aren’t roleplay, we want to give players an experience that allow newer members to the genre to experience it and isn’t as aggressive to get into.

Couple teaser images are posted below and in the community discord found here. Thanks in advance for any additional suggestions or criticisms you may have!


this lowkey fire just never came out which is sad