Feedback on Fighting Game!

Hello everyone!

I recently made a game called Knockout and I am garnering feedback since it is in early development. In terms of game-play, it’s structured like Smash Bros. in the sense that you get knocked off the map through the entire damage multiplier set-up.

I wanted to make a game that is simple, fun (of course), and easy to play!

With that in mind, all weapons are just skins, with none having any more power than the other!

However, to help you are mini-robot-esque animals that have skills of their own that either help you defend yourself, or fight the enemy. The animals could be seen to eventually have a power creep, but their skills do have cooldowns, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

There are power-ups on the map, but there are also background events that happen that can harm you, so it’s good to watch out for those as well!

Money is also on the faster side, so there is no need to grind for days just to get one weapon, or companion that you want, but there will eventually be rewards exclusive to badges!

  • Instructions are also in-game right at the start for anyone wondering.
  • I also gave you enough starting money to get at least 1 more companion from the selection screen, so choose carefully!

I want your feedback, particularly on the structural aspect, as I plan to get someone else to do the art and interface at some point.

Please be brutally (respectfully) honest. You will not hurt my feelings, lol. This game needs work, so I’ll do my best to make it as fun as possible!