Feedback on Fighting Mechanic

I’ve been working on a super simple fighting mechanic as the base for a sword fighting game and would be super happy if anybody would be willing to do a small amount of testing on the system so far. The mechanics, if you couldn’t tell, are heavily inspired by Minecraft 1.8 pvp


here’s the link for anyone willing to test:
thank you!


Your animations are looking very well so far. I would suggest thre following:

  • An animation when you throw punches.
  • A sound when you strike someone.

Right now it seems a bit vague, but with some sound and animation, your fighting mechanic would be cooler!


I absolutely agree. This is just the very base for my sword fighting simulator. In the future, I will most likely add swords, animations, and probably some aim assist, as fighting can be a bit tricky. Thanks for the feedback!

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I’m still new but I think for honor would make a very good inspirationn :slight_smile:

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I’ll have a look at it, thanks for the feedback!

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Hello, I really like your fighting Mechanics, is it possible if i can know the code because mine is buggy.
Thank you,

Bro really replied two years later

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I’ve allowed copying on the game: Sword Fight Testing - Roblox

However, I made the game over two years ago so it won’t be very well made, and I wouldn’t recommend copying anything from it. Feel free to take anything from the game though.

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Oh its okay but thank you very much! i dont know why mine is buggy :grinning:

yes i replied two years later because i just noticed someone made this mechanics, i tried to find to fix mine but it’s not working.