Feedback on fire effect for gfx


Hi guys! I’m back with more gfx. This time I learned a new style in photoshop which I would like to include in my future gfx. I used brushes downloaded brushes(not default) to paint the fire. Made one for myself and my friend.Feedback is appreciated.


These are my personal suggestions:

  • Make the flames bigger so that they’re more conspicuous;
  • I think the flames should be transparent; and
  • I feel the flames should be more rounded at the bottom… just to look more natural.

BTW, this is literally :fire:. Good work. :+1:

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It looks awesome man, maybe just add a little more color to the fire to make it have more detail.

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Wow I really like it! How was it done? Any plugins or something?

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I used the photoshop brush and erase tools.

Oh I thought you used blender itself for the fire effect in blender like here:
Also the GFX is good

Also may I ask a question, if you were to make a new GFX with fire effect @GoldenMemorie what will you use… blender or Photoshop?


It depends if im going for the 2d or 3d look.