Feedback on First Armor i made

Hi Developers So i recently joined developing team and i needed to make armor
This is my first work(Its really my first armor) So dont make me fell soo bad please any suggestiongs will help me really much

I use blender 2.79b



Great Job on your first time! I would recommend a few things that can help you in the future.
Try using less of the extrude and add more different variations, making the armor stand out more. You can do so by using proportional editing and adding new parts to already made parts giving it more detail. Extrude is very good but for me I try to use less of it giving me limited options to be more creative.

I would also say start with a good base/foundation so it can be a ‘Knight’ for example, you can put “clothing” First, then you can Model over that adding armor, covering up some spots making it look real in a way.

Lastly, I would recommend making not everything but a few parts of the armor a different size. The armor that you showed kind of the leg parts has only 3 parts that look pretty similar and copy and pasted. Try adding more style and variation to it.

My tips may or may not be good, but I did have a lot of trouble at the start and these are what I did and I disciplined myself to do so. :smiley:


Thanks so much for feedback i actually needed something like you wrote to understand from where to start Thanks you!

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It looks good! I think you may have to change the colors a bit. The colors depend on the theme like if it was medieval then I would use a darker color.

I textured it its not like the thing that is on top thanks for feed back!

This is a great start! I would change up the colors to like a bit grayish color. Feels very protective!

Sorry to mention, this belongs in the #help-and-feedback:cool-creations category.

Ok i changed it I just didnt see that i brought this to bulding support

Looks pretty good! Well done, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Great Job. Is this textured/ colored? If not make it a darker white not so bright. It would ad so much more to this Armour. Either way good job.

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So this is not textured.i am trying to get better you can check out my newest armor in my new topic called feedback on 3rd armor

I really like it, I feel that it’ll look amazing after you put some color. Definitely work on the helmet. Really is quite basic.

try to use boolens to instead of deleting vertices and then patching it up if you did use a boolen make it more visible as the helmet could use some touches other then that good job on your first armor.

it Looks cool but it have negative things like the armor is too thick that makes it look heavy and try making the edges smoother. keep working :+1:t2: :+1:t2: