Feedback on first ever UI with Photoshop


Hello all!

I recently acquired Adobe Photoshop (after a long process of deciding weather I should get illustrator or Photoshop.)
I am aspiring UI designer and would love your feedback on my first ever UI design in Photoshop. Below is the UI.

Please feel free to critique this in any way.


Good choice in picking Photoshop over Illustrator! As for the UI, it’s not bad at all. It’s just a little bland and it lacks character. Try to make the UI stand out and zest things up a little.


Looks good. Instead of scaling in width, you could scale the image in height. This will make create more space for the lovely background behind it.

Image example (in height):

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Thanks! Though, what is better about Photoshop than Illustrator? Also, I do very much agree this is kinda bland. (After all this is mostly just me messing around.) Very surprised on how long the checkmark took and was a real pain to make. Thanks for your feedback!! :)‎

Okay, thanks for the advise! The background wasn’t really much of the point as much as the actual frame itself, but that will really be useful in the future, thanks. The colors in the background were mostly just my channel colors though. Thought they looked kind of nice lol.

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Photoshop is more for bigger projects and more realistic stuff, Illustrator does more cartoony stuff.

Oh, thank you! (30)