Feedback on First Gun Model

Hello everyone! Today I finished my first gun model, and I was hoping to get some feedback on it. It’s based on the revolver from the original Bioshock. I plan on later animating it and using it in a fps view model. Any feedback on any ways it could be improved is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Render in Blender.

Ported to Roblox Studio.


Tbh, I’m not a blender pro (I barely know anything). But it’s good. The only thing I’d say is round the edges a little bit or keep it if you want to have a blocky aesthetic.

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really good, I will only change the trigger, gives me touch = break type of sensation. To thin. Apart from that this is really-really good for yourfirst ever gun model

Also try to make the borders more rounded appart from that great

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In my opinion you are doing a great job. More you model items from blender the better it would be. :+1:

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