Feedback on first low-poly build

I’ve been very interested with low-poly builds, so I decided I would give it a go.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


to be honest, the size seems a bit too off on it as a whole, other than that its a nice little house

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll try to work on it.

For me you seems to be kinda experinced builder on Studio or you just want to make a very simple house as a decoration so I will tell you what to change or add to not change the style of it very much.

  1. The windows seems to be made only for decoration, but I would make them kinda bigger and more down.
  2. Plants look like made from wedges, change them to Blocks if you want to make all house blocky or to Mesh Part if you don’t want. They are symetric which, I think, should be changed to look more reliably.
  3. Door need frames and to look prettier than just a 2 single blocks - add small convex and concave parts or add an decal with texture of it (I would prefer first).
  4. There aren’t much decorations - only plants, add more things like path, growing bushes and trees - it will sure help and the house wouldn’t look blank and gloomily.
  5. The same what @minkmink said.
  6. Experience the same building with before said things, medium convex parts and materials - if you will like it, then just take the experienced building.
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The windows are supposed to be decorations, since that’s my style of building low-poly. Anyways, I really appreciate your feedback!

For your first one, there is really nothing to complain about.

Maybe you can go on adding bit more detail to the house.
Something like putting some decorative bricks onto the wall, maybe a window left next to the door, use some pastel colors, or something else like that would possibly improve the design alot.

Here is one example of low-poly houses I made:

Otherwise it looks okay.

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I actually made a new house based on my own kind of style (Do note that its supposed to look simple as it gives a “peaceful” sort of vibe).


What do you think about it?

I think of colors didn’t fit, try to change them first :roll_eyes:.

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I think more decoration would be appreciated on the walls like rocks ( just some little part on it )
More detail would be nice also like DieSoft methods :


What colors do you suggest? These are all pretty old builds, but I would still like to know a bit more in order to get better in what I’m doing.

This is very simple building so I recommend you to use simple and old colors like (brighter) Really Red or Really Blue for walls. Color of roof should be darker and of window brighter.

Oh, and if you want to get better into building then I recommend you using Materials and Effects in this house. :+1:

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