Feedback on first model for game

I am currently assigned making simplistic mountains for a game. This is my first creation from blender that I am providing them. They wanted 3 other styles of snow covered mountain this is just one of 4. How does it look? I have a few more tweaks I plan for it but the goal was a simple plastic mountain with snow.

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That model looks very cool! In my opinion the snow should be a little less lower.
Overall I would give this model an 8/10. Good job and good luck finishing your game! :wink: :+1:

This is very simplistic. I see that you have followed a low polly style. It looks good for a far distance background. But I don’t suggest using it as a barrier.
Honestly I like how the snow and the mountain fits together. You also used contrasting colors which is looks perfect!
Good luck on your game.


Unless my employer changes the my part of the project these are to go around the edge of the map as a background I believe. The project is still in the stages where it changes a lot.

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